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Secure Cyprus Bank Account

Open secured bank account with Bank of Cyprus, most popular Bank in Cyprus, with branches in UK, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, British Channel Islands, Australia, Greece, 1000’s of banking contacts worldwide.

How we do it

Step 1:

Appoint us, as your agents.

Step 2:

Form a Cyprus subsidiary company and a Delaware Holding company to ensure anonymity. Delaware owns 100% shares of Cyprus company.

Step 3:

We will open the offshore secured bank account for you. You will be the only authorised person to access and execute online banking transactions. The online digit pass codes to administer your account will be only known by you.

Documents Required:

  • Full passport copy certified by your banker
  • Copy of your last payment of a utility bill, like telephone and electricity to verify your address.
  • Signatory – A confirmation letter that verifies you are the true person as specified in your passport – preferably from your banker / or a close client. Is good to give detail information of your occupation.
  • If you are a company, send to us all incorporation documents.