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International Corporate & Individual Tax Planning

This is not a secret any more, that hundred of thousands of businesses nowadays conceive the world as their market. The use of internet and other communication technology has brought our long distance clients outside our door. This created a methodology of changing and adopting into the new business environment very quickly in order to meet the global new clients demand and needs. This has also made a change in the way corporations and business men are taxed, on their world wide income rather than on their traditional local income. Clever Business men move their direction towards Countries with high level of demand, low level of competition for their products and good business environment conditions.

That is why, now is the perfect time to decide the following:

  • Chose the tax bracket which you wish to be taxed.
  • Chose the country in which you want to establish your tax residence and new business.
  • Incorporate your company and chose the country in which the Board of Directors will manage, control and perform their decision making process.
  • Open your bank account in the country in which you have established your tax residence.
  • Start trading and enjoy nil or low local taxes in your country into where you normally, reside.
  • We can help getting the right information for starting a business, Dealing with Licenses, Employing Workers, Registering Property, Getting Credit, Protecting Investors, Paying Taxes, Trading Across Borders, Enforcing Contracts and Closing a Business.

Our final target would be:

  • Lower your local taxes by doing international tax planning, in a 100% legal and safe way.
  • Move and start a new business in any country you wish.
  • Establish a company in a country with low or nill tax.
  • Connect with one of our consultants in 178 countries.

We will help you organize and use our worldwide contacts in 178 Countries in all over the world.
Send to us your email with specific details concerning your tax planning you like to make. Give us details of your busines